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Safety Data Sheets (SDSs) are designed to protect the health and safety of people in the workplace by providing information on the hazards of substances and how they should be safely used, stored, transported and disposed of. SDSs also describe emergency procedures, such as what to do in the event of a spill or fire.

The hazardous substances regulations require that your workplace have a safety data sheet (SDS) available for each hazardous substance that is present in excess of the relevant threshold quantity. In reality, regardless of the quantities you have, it is best practice to have SDS for each hazardous substance at your site. Along with the product label, the SDS is the most important means of conveying safety information.

The seller or supplier of a hazardous substance must supply an SDS if:

  • Requested to do so
  • The substance being sold or supplied to a workplace is above the relevant threshold quantity
  • They had not previously supplied a SDS for that substance.

The seller or supplier is also responsible for ensuring the SDS is compliant.

The seller or supplier is responsible for ensuring the SDS is compliant. The person in charge of the workplace must ensure that SDSs are present and available to workers, where threshold quantities are exceeded. A SDS must be available to a person handling the substance within 10 minutes.



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Following are a range of press releases, news articles and advice relating to specific industries standards and legal updates.  All articles are available as a FREE download.


A. Standards, Codes and Best Practice Guidelines Relating to Chemical Safety Management
B. Safety, Health and Environmental Protection Legislation
C. HSNO Approved Codes of Practice
D. Standards
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G. International Publications
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